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ST 1859  The 5 & 9 equal size - top bar of the 5 in line with the top of the 9

* The top of numerals in line with bottom bar of 3



ST 1859  9 over lower 9 (bit showing) and 9 larger than 5 


ST 1859  18 & 59 all large - 59 struck much higher than the 18

* The top of '59' are now above the bottom bar of 3


Date types show for interest only for this date as there appears to be

too many combinations to list the date types with separate codes ! 



ST 1859 Ca - Metal flaw across cheek - air bubble in metal !?

ST 1859 Cb - From rusty die (marks on top of head)


ST 1859 D - The ties on the reverse on the right side show that they have been

                           re-punched, on the left side but now over the 2 branches.



ST 1859 G - C over U (C sideways)   (Enlarged + C sideways added)


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