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ST 1846 B - Partly struck ribbon tie of

the above (EF+) coin and missing 

end to wreath stalk.

ST 1846 C - Partly struck ribbon tie

of (EF) coin and missing end to

wreath stalk.

More missing than Aa !

Click on link to see full EF coin

ST 1846 B - Obv. A (2 colon dots after F: &  D : The colon dots after D align 

                             with the back of Victoria's neck).

                     Rev. The left tie ribbon is very weakly struck with part missing !

                             It should show completely, under, the end of end stalk of the wreath.

                             The right stalk end of the wreath (on the left side) also is incompletely struck.*

                   See the link for what the normal tie ribbon ends & wreath stalks should look like.

* I have only ever had two examples of this extremely rare date and both examples have

  very weak left ribbon tie and incomplete right stalk end to the wreath (on the left side).

  The (above) EF+ example has more of the left tie ribbon showing than the EF example.

  On both example the  stalk end of the right side wreath ends short of the normal.

I would be interested to hear from any one else that has 1846 3d (Maundy or Currency)

  if they have an example of this coin with the left ribbon tie ribbon & stalk end complete !

                   Date: All numerals - Large    Grade:  Choice  pAS  Very light tone

This is an extremely rare date and especially in this very high grade.

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