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Market Harborough - Treasure trove

On the 22 March 1971 while excavating foundations beneath the former premises of Mawer & Saunders at 1 Church Square  Mr Arthur F. Rogers, from Lubenham, discovered a hoard of 183 gold coins. The find was declared treasure trove at an inquest held at Market Harborough on 29 March 1971 and the gold coins were returned to Mr Rogers.

Details of this find can be found in The British Numismatic Journal - Volume XL - 1971, page 175

or in http://www.bigfern.co.uk/chronology/chronology.htm  scroll down to 1971


This 1821 Sovereign is from that find, ex-Rogers. (30 were found of this date).

A really nice quality coin with no nicks, bruises, scratches, etc. Grade: Probably EF+


1821 Sovereign - Grade:  Nice EF+

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