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In 1918 and 1919 Italy decided to issue some new design 20 Centesimi coins but due to the 1st World War there was a shortage of metal so the Italian Mint decided to strike these new directly over the older 1894 and 1895 20 Centesimi coins.

On most of these 'new' design 20 Centesimi coins is difficult to see that the coins have been over struck over the older coin however occasionally part of the detail can be seen. The more detail visible of the older coin the more collectable and desirable the coin  becomes. Also the new coins were issued with a plain edge were as the older coin coins had reeded or milled edge so again more of the milling that remains also adds to collect-ability.


We have TWO extremely good examples that have obtained from a private collection.


Our first example is:


On the obverse the 'old' Crown in the centre can be seen above a very clear date: 1895. The laurel wreath surround is also clear.


On the reverse  20 Centesimi can clearly be seen around the edge below the 1919 R. The larger different style 20 in the centre shows neatly below the smaller 20 above. Part of REGNO D' ITALIA is also clear along the top edge.

Lastly, milling is clearly visible the whole way around the edge.

The coin is graded EF or better.


This is our Second example - which in my opinion is even clearer.





On the obverse the reverse of the 'old' coin shows through. In the centre is the large numeral 20. Below the numeral '20' - 20 CENTESIMI is also clearly visible and above the numeral '20' - REGNO D' ITALIA can also be clear seen.




On the reverse, the obverse of the 'old' coin can be seen. In the centre (below the 20), the Crown  and the date: 1894 are clear. Around the edge the laurel wreath and bow can be seen surrounding the inner crown and date.

The edge has only the faintest hint of the milling of the old coin.

The coin is graded EF.


Both these coins are very difficult to price as there is nothing comparable available on the market at present and I cannot find any sold in previous auctions with this amount showing of the previous coin !


So at present I will leave them both un-priced and will consider sensible offers.

We have one other example that is clear but not as clear as the above two examples. Click on this link.

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