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This is a TWO (2) KILO pure silver coin issued by the Royal Dutch Mint in 2003 for Fiji to commemorate the battle of Trafalgar. It has a nominal face value of 50 Fiji Dollars. I regret that the picture is not very good but due to the rivets around the porthole the coin could not lay flat on the scanner and is therefore slightly out of focus.

As you can see from the Certificate the coin weighs 2 kilos or 64.30 of TROY ounces (not 70.548 ounces avoirdupois) with a 999/1000 fineness. The coin is 115 mm wide and 20 mm tick. It is in a solid wooden plinth with a brass portholes and screwed in with 8 removable rivets.

This coin is very rarely offered for sale and we have only this single example No. 186.


We have found just one other example for sale on the internet at 1799.95 (this coin has now been sold or removed from the internet). This coin is rarely offered for sale.


* Bought in February 2012 when silver was at 21.00 plus per ounce.


Our price.................1475.00

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