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1815 - 2015

Waterloo Medal



This is a faithful reproduction of the famous medal designed by

Benedetto Pistrucci in 1815 to commemorate the famous battle

over Napoleon at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Orange & Duke of Brunswick and of the Prussian army under Field

Marshall Blucher.

The medal is made of bronze, layered in pure gold & 88.9 mm .

Weight of 400 grams & edge thickness of 8mm.

Issue to commemorate the 200th anniversary of that battle.

With an issue price of........ 197.00

Limited edition of 5,000 with this one number 0607

There is a superb booklet 42 page booklet with fact, figures,

etc. about the medal, the battle and the people involved.

This is part of the estate that a client has asked me to sell

on his behalf. The price being asked is less than half of

the original cost.

Price:...............  95.00


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