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To commemorate "The Age of Steam" we have a 'First Day Cover'  with the set of stamps issued on 18th January 1994 with the special 'York' cancel with an unused 5 Pound banknote showing George Stephenson and the his railway engine - "The Rocket". The banknote is the type issued by G.E.A. Kentfield in 1993

Historical notes:  found at -  www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RArocket.htm

Ten locomotives were originally entered for the Rainhill Trials but only five turned up and two of these were withdrawn during the first couple of days of the trials. By the third day the Rocket was the only locomotive left in the competition. That day it covered 35 miles in 3 hours 12 minutes. Hauling 13 tons of loaded wagons, the Rocket averaged over 12 mph. On one trip it reached 25 mph and on a locomotive-only run, 29 mph.

The 500 first prize went to the owners of the Rocket. The contract to produce locomotives for the Liverpool & Manchester Railway went to the Robert Stephenson Company at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

In 1830 the Rocket was modified. A smokebox was added and the chimney was shortened. The following year the cylinders was reduced from 35 degrees to 8 degrees, which made it a much more steady ride. The modified Rocket worked on the Liverpool & Manchester line until the late 1830s. It was then sold and finished its working life in Carlisle.

We have just two of these covers:

issue 0967 with 5 - AE21 551982


Price.......... 25.00 only (each)


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