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1860 - 1970

A Reference book & Catalogue



This book was first published in 1986 and is presented in an A4 size multi-ring binder. It is both a comprehensive reference book on "The British Bronze Penny from 1860 to 1970" as well as having a full pricing section. 

The referencing section is still the most recent available and lists more new varieties, dies, etc. than ever before - 77 more than Peck and 29 more than Freeman. 

The pricing section needs up dating - but then there are several catalogues around that give one a reasonable indication of today's prices.

A couple of reviews of the book, at the time, should explain the logic as to why it was produced in a multi-ring binder.

"To devise a new format for a numismatic book seems unlikely enough, but to make it no mere novelty, but truly convenient and useful, is a remarkable accomplishment.

....designing a book in three horizontal sections to permit any combination of obverse and reverse types along with the appropriate text to be viewed simultaneously. The text gives the known die pairings, the estimated rarity and Peck and Freeman reference numbers, together with the author's own referencing number. Estimated values in four grades are provided, together with a brief section on varieties and remarks, and the annual mintage.

The different obverse and reverse types are illustrated by clear whole-side photographs at ca. 2.25 diameter magnification with selected details at magnification up to 12x. Each obverse and reverse type is succinctly characterized by a brief "punch line" of a few words that helps the reader to distinguish it from similar types.

A 16 page Introduction includes a brief history of the bronze coinage and a discussion of rarity.....

Several pages are given to discussion on die flaws, errors and irregularities, and several more to coin grading.

.....and two useful pages of initials and abbreviations, a glossary and technical information about composition, weight and size".....

[Spink Numismatic Circular, Feb. 1987, volume XCV, number1, p.10. (Professor) Peter Gaspar.

"The book is ingeniously arranged to simplify the task of comparing different obverse and reverse types.

....The arrangement is effective and the accompanying text is clear and helpful.

Collectors of the British bronze penny vintage 1860 to 1970 will certainly be pleased to have this new guide to their studies."

[Coin Monthly, Feb. 1987, p.44]

"And now for something completely different! 

....The book is not conventionally bound, but is housed in a ring binder which will enable additions and revisions to be made easily and cheaply, solving the problem of the uneconomical second edition".....

[Whitmore, Nov. 1986, p. iv]


I have now produced a book that details the various mint's involvement 

during the great re-coinage of the 1860's. 

The British Bronze Coinage: 1860 - 1869

Click on link for details.


My new book on the on

The British Bronze Penny 1860 to 1901 -  

Victorian section 1860 to 1901 (Specialised edition)

Click on link for details.


The British Bronze Penny 1860 to 1970 book




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