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Spink have, in November 2006, reprinted the very popular book “The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain” by Michael Freeman (2nd edition - 1986). The original 2nd edition had been out of print so some considerable time and copies were fetching from £40.00 to upwards of £100.00 per copy ! This reprint should satisfy the market’s needs.

 This is a reference book that covers all the British bronze type coins from 1860 to 1970 – pennies, halfpennies and farthings. It covers varieties of the currency issues as well as every type of pattern, proof and trial strikings of each denomination, from antimony to gold. Also included are denominations that were never adopted – in Cents !

 This book is unchanged in text and pictures and faithful to the original. The only changes that have been made are to the valuations list, found at the back of the book.

The original valuations were for 1986 and twenty years have past and prices have altered dramatically. Philip Skingley, of Spink, asked me to update the “Valuation” section for this book. I was pleased to do so - my knowledge of the series and my day to day dealings with these coins have enable me to place the new 'valuations' in line with present market trends. The prices listed are typical of prices reached at auction, lists, known collections, etc.

 Sorry - Now out of stock

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