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1675 Maundy set - Charles II 

4d - VF+-EF?;   * 3d - VF+-EF?;   2d - VF+-EF?;   *1d VF+


* 3d  The 1679 Maundy threepence is struck on either a spread flan or on a fourpence flan - as it is the same size as the fourpence but has the weight of the threepence (1.5 grams) [4d - 1.9 grams]. Very unusual on all accounts.


* 1d  The 1679 Maundy penny - normally the 9 has a very short tail and can be easily be confused with the 1670 Maundy penny. However this is the first I have ever had with a full long tail and is an extremely scarce example of an already scarce penny ! Looking at the tail of the 9 it is possible that it was an 0 that was used with tail part added !


The coin has been struck slightly off centre.

On the obverse the D of DEI is rotated backwards and the cross bar of the G is slightly crude entered.


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