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MS 1853 - Obv.

MS 1853 - Rev.

1853 Maundy set - This is one of the rarer dates in the Victorian Maundy series.

This is partly due to the threepence being extremely rare in any grade and especially

so in a choice grade. The difference between a Maundy and a currency 3d of this period is

that they are extremely difficult to tell apart ! So silver 3d collectors will on occasions

buy the Maundy set if a 3d alone is not available .

On the set the Threepence is choice bright. There is a Die crack inside the "Large" 3.

                                                                See ST 1853 A for details

The set is choice Bright with a hint of toning. The set is very well matched - EF+-pAS


Victorian Maundy Case - front / back

Victorian Maundy case - inside

The set comes with an choice original red Victorian un-date "circular" Maundy case

Victorian Maundy un-dated case with the 1853 Maundy set. Inside is red silk & velvet.

Circular Maundy cases are far scarcer than the oblong cases.

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