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We have also obtained a small quantity of the 1970 Panama - 5 Balboas issued for the 11th Central American & Caribbean Games. Each coin weighs 35.70 grams of 0.925 silver - or just over 1 ounce of pure silver (1.0617 asw)

This choice condition coin we can offer at only 29.50






In 1971 Panama were one of the first countries to be produce coins that were larger and heavier than the normal 'Crown' size coin. The obverse showed the head of Simon Bolivar. These coins weighted 129.59 grams or 4.1669 ounces of 0.925 silver (3.8538 of pure silver) and were 61 mm in diameter. 

We can offer one of the original 1971 20 Balboas coins in Matt finish - this coin was issued as a NON-proof without certificate or box. 

The coin weight: 129.59 grams or 4.1669 ounces of 0.925 silver (3.8538 of pure silver)

Price:....... 95.00. One coin available




We can offer the 1977 9 coin silver proof set in original box.

3 of the largest coins are in silver and there is approximately 5.7 oz of pure silver, plus there are 6 other coins including the smallest coin called the "Panama Pill" - See the 3rd coin on the right, bottom row !

Price:....... 150.00. One set available.


 PANAMA - 2 Centesimos

  enlarged         actual size


We have just obtained a small quantity of famed 1904 "Panama Pill" in choice toned unused condition.

This coin was one of the smallest coin ever made. 

It has a face value of 2 Centesimos

It is in 0.900 fine silver, a weight of 1.25 grams and is only 10 millimeters in diameter.

It is smaller than an British Maundy penny or Quarter farthing - which are our smallest coins.

1904 was the ONLY year that this coin was made in silver. 

The next year of production was in 1907 and the coins were now made in copper-nickel and had a diameter of 21 millimeters.

This is a very popular type coin as many were melted back down or lost due to their size


Choice pAS toned. (SOLD OUT)........................Left as reference

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