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   The change from Obverse 3 to Obverse 4

A new obverse Silver Threepence die was made for 1880 as the previous

obverse 3, used from (1866 ?) 1867  to 1879 had become worn and  

Victoria's portrait and hairlines had become weak and soft focus.  There

had been an attempt in 1879 to heavily re-engrave Victoria's hair but it

looked slightly un-natural and just re-cutting of an old die. However it served

a purpose as a temporary measure to see the die through to the end of the

year whilst a new die was prepared.  Victoria's missing nostril had not been

repaired and the preparation of a new die (obverse 4) was the answer to

the problem.


Obverse 3

Obverse 4

Obverse 3 (1867 to 1879) - Shown for comparison to Obverse 4.

Obverse 4 (1880 to 1887) - Victoria's bust as well as the legend have been altered.

                  Bust: Victoria's young head portrait for obverse 4 has remained as similar 

                  to obverse 3 as possible. Her eye is in slightly stronger focus. Her nostril

                  has been re-instated. Slightly more of the top of her ear has been exposed.

                  Her hair has been re-engraved to be sharper than before and this time it

                  looks natural. The two hair ribbon at the top of her hair have lost the tiny

                  raised lines to either side of the ribbon and the ribbons are now flat.

                  Victoria has been given a few more hairs at her nape. Her "Bun" hair has

                  been re-cut with many fine lines. The 'tail' to her 'Bun' now has an outward

                  curl. The front tip of her truncated neck now curves downwards instead of

                  forward. The colon dots after D : are now further in, below Victoria's neck.

                  Legend: The differences will be shown below the legend pictures.


Obv. 3 - VICTORIA  D: G:

Obv. 4 - VICTORIA  D: G:

Obverse 3: Leg of R to gap; I of RIA to tooth; A of RIA to gap. Many small border teeth.

                  Small gap between A of VICTORIA & D: of D: G:  Colon dots after G: close.

Obverse 4: Leg of R to tooth; I of RIA to gap; A of RIA to tooth. larger, less border teeth

                  Larger gap between A of VICTORIA & D: of D: G:  Colon dots after G : wider




Obverse 3: Small gap between R: at end of BRIT~IAR & colon dots. 

Obverse 4: Larger gap between R : at end of BRIT~IAR & colon dots. 


Obv. 3 - REGINA  F: D:

Obv. 4 - REGINA  F: D:

Obverse 3: R of REGINA close to colon dots after BRIT~IAR.

                  E of REGINA to gap; A to tooth. Colon dots after F: D: close

Obverse 4: R of REGINA slightly further away from colon dots after BRIT~IAR. 

                  E of REGINA to tooth; A to gap. Colon dots after F : D : further apart.

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