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1858 Canada 5 Cents - Obverse 1858 Canada 5 Cents - Reverse

1858 Canada 5 Cents - Large 1858 over smaller 1858 - Very RARE

1858 Canada - 5 Cents - Unfortunately with a small hole but in choice EF+ or better grade.

The date is the very RARE variety of larger 1858 over smaller 1858.

This type one can see a tiny bit of the smaller foot of the 1 just above the foot of the larger 1

On the first 8 one can see the smaller 8 within the LEFT side of the 8.

On the 5 one can clearly see the 'down-bar' of the smaller 5 to the RIGHT of the new 5 down-bar

there is also a tiny bit of the smaller 5 showing under the upper (lower) bulge of the 5 - VERY clear.

On the last 8 one can see the smaller 8 within the LEFT side of the 8.


This appears to be a new 'unlisted variety as the other types of over-date have 'smaller' 8 showing

on the RIGHT side of the inner 8's - whereas on this type the smaller 8's are on the LEFT inner side.

The smaller 5 is as clear as anything on this variety. On the over types the top bar and centre of the

larger 5 are blurred or in-filled where as this example the larger 5 is crystal clear.


It is very unfortunate that the coin has a small hole but when you have a very RARE date variety and 

a new type one is lucky to have it in any grade or condition and the grade of this coin is choice EF+.

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