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1797 Twopence -   Ref: Peck 1078 - Re-strike Proof - Type R48 - Bronzed [Rare]

1797 2d - (4) dots after K !   1797 2d - Union flag at left rear of ship   1797 2d - Stop after SOHO.

1797 Twopence -   Ref: Peck 1078 - Re-strike Proof - Type R48 - Bronzed [Rare]

          Grade:  Slightly two tone with prooflike field. No edge bruises or marks


Obv. 1    K: : (Noted in Peck that there are 3 dots after K) on the lowest fold of the shoulder drapery.

               Due to high magnification there appears to be FOUR colon dots after the K.

               The fourth is faint but visible below the 3 dot furthest from the K, virtually right on the drapery fold.

         2    There is a faint die flaw / crack - starting from the edge at 7 o'clock up towards the centre of the coin.

Rev. 1    3 rows of waves below seated Britannia.

         2    The ship has a UNION flag - at the stern (left side of ship)

        3    There is a full stop after SOHO.

        4    The final wave crest points to the 1st O of SOHO

Recent sale of similar item Peck - 1078  Bronzed Re-strike by Kagin's 12 March 2021 for 1,000 dollars + 200 dollars buyers premium......$1,200.00

Or 857 approximately.   https://auctions.kagins.com/Great-Britain-George-III-1797-Twopence-or-Cartwheel-Peck-1078-S-3776-for-Type-Bronzed-Restrike_i40248441

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