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1884 Maundy or Currency 3d * ? - Choice deep toned  pAS

* Trying to tell the difference between a Maundy or currency 3d is virtually impossible 

  when the 3ds is NOT in a matched Maundy set as the die after being used to make

   Maundy coins was then used to make the currency coins. A 'first' strike currency coin

  can be as 'prooflike' as any Maundy coin and some Maundy coins are not always that 

  'prooflike' anyhow !

   Maundy 3ds oddments are much scarcer than currency 3ds due to the lower mintage 

   and that most Maundy 3ds will already be with the Maundy set. The 3d is the 'key' coin

   to the Maundy sets as many were removed as collectors tried to find choice currency

   coins for their 3d collection. 

1884 Maundy mintage figures: 4d - 5,353. 3d - 4,488. 2d - 6,042 & 1d - 14,109

So this 3d could be either Maundy or currency - whichever both are scarce in this grade.

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