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1845 Ci - Obv.

1845 Ci - Rev.



Die crack 1

Die crack 1

Die crack 1 & 2

Die crack 3


ST 1845 Ci - Obv.1 (F: D: Type - Ai)

                     Rev. Several die cracks. 

                             1. From 1 o'clock diagonally through edge of crown down to the centre of the

                                 base of the crown then virtually straight down through the 3 (in the centre) 

                                 exiting through the 3 (in the centre) exiting through the side and onto the 

                                 edge at 5 o'clock ! 

                             2. From 5 o'clock vertically upwards to the base of the 5 in the date.

                             3. From 8 o'clock diagonally upwards to the left side of the base of the 8. 

This is the worse die-cracked reverse die I have ever seen ! For a die to be cracked from 

North to South must mean that it is at the point of breaking apart - was this the 'last' coin 

to have been struck using this reverse die !?

                    Date: Large    Grade:  Bright  EF?/EF

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