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1850 3d. Date & Obverse varieties


ST 1850 A - Large date

ST 1850 De - small date

ST 1850 A - Large date - Normal (small bulbous tail end)

ST 1850 D - small date * - Scarce - Rare type (Large bulbous tail end - extends behind 5) 

                   * I have found only 1 per 10 large date 1850's !


ST 1850 B - O over sideways 0 in VICTORIA

ST 1850 B - O over 0

ST 1850 B - O over sideways 0 in VICTORIA & R over R  (Large date)


ST 1850 A - Normal 'bun'

ST 1850 C - Clogged die 'bun' ?

ST 1850 C - The 'Bun' at the back of Victoria's head has several areas that are missing.

                   This could well be due to this particular die becoming clogged with 'foreign'

                   material. I have only noted this weakness on 1850 3ds. I have seen 3 

                   examples for this date, all with virtually the same area of the bun missing 

                   it is possibly that it is common to just ONE die ! 

                   It is unlikely to be due to 'die wear' as other parts of the 'bun' area or hair

                   would also be worn away and they are not !

                   This type of wear to the "Bun" area has been also been noticed on Victorian 

                   copper pennies also in the 1850's ! 

                   As to why it should happen in this area is unknown.

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