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ST 1851 C - E over E in REGINA

ST 1851 C - E


ST 1851 A - Flat top 5

ST 1851 B - As "A" The 5 tilts



ST 1851 C - As "A" with 5 over 5

ST 1851 D - As "A" with 1 over 1



ST 1851 A

ST 1851 B ST 1851 C

ST 1851 D


ST 1851 E - Thick, fat 5 - curved top

ST 1851 E

ST 1851 A - Date: Slim 5 - has a flat top which ends in a point. 5 is upright.

ST 1851 B - Slim 5 - As "A" but 5 tilts slightly backwards. Slightly thicker, squat 1.

ST 1851 C - Obv. E over E in REGINA (Double re-entry; below & 2 the right)

                   Date: Slim 5 - As "A" the 5 is upright but 5 over 5 (faintly - just to the right) !

ST 1851 D - Date: Slim 5 - As "B" slight tilt and 1 over 1 of "51".

ST 1851 E - Date: Thicker, fatter 5 - has a curved top with a ball end. Very slight tilt to 5.

                            The 1 is thicker also.  This type of 51 appears to be the rarest type.


There is an extremely RARE date variety that I don't have and therefore cannot

show a picture of but Tony Clayton on this web pages does have a picture of this 

extremely RARE date. The date reads "1551" It appears that the 'repairer' struck

a 5 over the 8 but it is so well punched that it is now more proud than the 8.

See the picture that Tony Clayton offers.



I have attempted to replicate the variety - via "Photoshop"

ST 1851 (1551) X

I am not sure if the 51 is type A or D but it looks thicker than type A so I have used

Type D the thicker, fatter 51. There appears to be a small part of the 8 still visible

which I have not been able to achieve but I have tilted the 5 (over 8) as per the

example shown.


If anyone has this coin I would be very grateful if you would let me have  a copy

so that I can share it with other collectors.


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