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ST 1852 B - Obv.

ST 1852 B - Rev.

ST 1852 B - 5 over 5

ST 1852 Ae - Obv.1  (F: D: type - Ae) Bright Normal weakness to Victoria's hair

                     Rev. Die crack running through top left bar of 5 diagonally down

                            through top of bulge down to an acorn in the wreath.

                            However, it does not seem to show up on the scan is

                            visible under a magnifying glass but some hairline scuffs that

                            are nearly invisible to the naked eye and the magnifier

                            unless seen at a certain angle - show up !

                   Date: Large. The 5 has a slightly curved top and 'ball' end to tail.

                            The 5 is over a lower 5. The 2 is slightly above the baseline

                            and the top is therefore slightly higher than the top bar of the 5.

                            The 1 is also over a 1 and tilts very slightly to the left.

                Grade:  Bright  EF+    RARE.

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