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ST 1855 Af - Obv.

ST 1855 Af - Rev.


ST 1855 Af - Date


ST 1855 Af - Date *

* Artist's impression !

ST 1855 Af - Obv.1 (F: D: Type - Af)

                   Date:  Large 55 - Curved top bar with 'ball' end. The 2nd 5 is very weakly 

                             struck and is very hard to see. One needs to hold the coin at an angle 

                             to see the 2nd 5. One can just see it on the picture above.

                             With 'Photoshop' I have managed to offer an "Artist's impression" of

                             what the 2nd 5 would look like if it were clearer. It tilts backwards slightly.

                 Grade: Obv. Fine.  Rev. If one ignores the 2nd weak 5 then the rev. is

                             probably Fine but due to the weak 2nd 5 I have graded the rev. as Poor.

                 If the coin date were not so rare it would probably have been 'melted' down !

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