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ST 1858 Ec - Obv. 

ST 1858 Ec - Rev.

ST 1858 Ec - '58'



ST 1858 Ec - Obv. 'C' & 'O' double struck

ST 1858 Ec -'C' 

ST 1858 Ec -'O' 


ST 1858 Ec - D: G

G has long centre bar 

ST 1858 Ec - REGINA

G has long centre bar 

ST 1858 Ec - Obv.1D (F: D: Type - Ac) The 'C' is over (probably) a 'C' but is it over the

                            the original 'C' with no top serif or a test strike for the new 'C' !?

                            The 'bit' that is showing is inside the slight curve of the C.

                            The 'O' in VICTORIA is broken at top and bottom as seen with 

                            Obv. C1 & C3. However, the 'O' has been double struck - there is

                            an under-strike that is visible both inside on (inside) left and 

                            (outside) top right. As a repair it was no improvement.

                            The MAJOR change is that the G font with short cross bar has been

                            replaced by a 'G' with a LONG centre crossbar in D: G: & REGINA.

                            There is a faint die crack through A 1st A of BRITANNIAR (12 o'clock)

                            which extends half way down into Victoria's hair.

                    Rev. Two very fine (hair-line) scratch marks (2mm) just below '5'.

                   Date: Largish date - back of '5' missing.  See 1858 date varieties

                 Grade: Pale greyish tone.  VF+-EF?  *Struck very slightly off-centre !

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