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ST 1859 Aw - Obv.

ST 1859 Aw - Rev.

ST 1859 Aw - Extra metal at edge


ST 1859 Aw - 59 over 59

ST 1859 Aw - 59 over 59

ST 1859 Aw - Obv.1 (F: D: Type - Ac)  Very faint start of a die crack - 6 o'clock - running

                               at a 45 degree angle upwards towards Victoria's truncation (2 mm).

                      Rev.  Die clashing with Victoria's ghosted head showing through.

                               Die crack at 1 o'clock running through top of top leaf (3 mm).

                               Extra metal has spilt from the rim into the border teeth at 11 o'clock.

                               It is NOT an edge knock as the edge and rim are un-damaged.

                     Date: Large 59. The 5 - It was fairly heavy 'test punch' with much of the under 5

                              showing - just below. 

                              The 9 - not such a heavy test punch but shows below the top bar and bulge.

                   Grade: Bright   EF

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