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ST 1859 Ce - Obv.

ST 1859 Ce - VIC (I over I)

ST 1859 Ce - Rev.


ST 1859 Ce - F: D.:

ST 1859 Ce - Date (59 below base-line)

ST 1859 Ce - Obv.1Ba (F: D: Type - Ae)  The of the obverse die repair used in 1857 (C2a) with

                                   the I over I repaired (bit showing below). The 'C' is of the early style.

                                   F: D: appeared to look like (type Ad) but on magnification realised there 

                                   was a very faint but clear extra colon dot just before the inner dot.

                          Rev.  Faint die clashing with Victoria's ghosted head showing through.

                                  Die crack at 7 o'clock running through towards left side of 'ball end' of 3.

                         Date: Small 5 and slightly larger 9. The 59 are both struck below the base line.

                       Grade: Weakly struck obverse (with hair wear) otherwise EF-EF+

                                   This is the only example we have seen with this obverse repair.

                                   Therefore it is possibly a scarce to rare type !

* This repaired obverse die (C2a) was NOT used in 1858. Neither was the original 

   obverse 1 die. In fact, my observations and listings show that none of the 1858 obverse 

   used  dies showed the 'early' style "C" plain, without a top serif (in VICTORIA) ! 

   It is possible that the minor repairs and font changes made in 1857 and 1858 prompted

   the Royal Mint to completely overhaul the obverse 1 die with obverse 2.

   As this was the case it would make sense to use up ALL of the old dies that still had 

   use in them (as dies were expensive it would be wasteful to throw away a useful die !).

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