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ST 1859 D - Obv. ST 1859 D - Rev.

ST 1859 D - VICTOR(IA)  C over C

ST 1859 D

ST 1859 D - D: G:

ST 1859 D - REGINA

ST 1859 Da - Obv.1D (F: D: Type - A) * This coin is an Identical strike from the same 

                                 die as the other 1859 Da shown - down to the following 

                                 changes & the die clash through the right leg of N of REGINA

                                        C over C in VICTORIA (New font C with top serif) as per 1st found

                                 with 1858 E ! The (inner - under) C is clearer in this example than

                                 that of 1858 E. The O of VICTORIA is broken at top and bottom

                                 as seen in 1858 E. Unlike in 1858 E the 'O' is NOT double struck !

                                 The other change is that the G font with short cross bar has been

                                 replaced by a 'G' with a LONG centre crossbar in D: G: & REGINA.

                                 There is a die crack through the right leg of N of REGINA.

                             ** The only difference with this example to the other 1859 D is that 

                                 this coin has been scuffed possibly to remove some form of gilt !?

                        Rev.  There is a die crack from the extremely right base of the 'Crown' just

                                 touching the extreme top right tip of the 3 extending down and touching 

                                 the left side of the 5 (of the date).

                       Date: There appears to be a smaller 5 & Large 9. The 5 is probably 1 size 

                                smaller than the larger 5 examples of this date.

                                The 9 is possibly larger and thicker than previous 9's of this date

                                The 59 have the same base line but the 9 is taller.

                     Grade: Bright  Obv. Fine  Rev. F+   {Rarity is unknown ?]

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