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ST 1859 Ec - Obv. 1E

ST 1859 Ec - Rev.

ST 1859 Ec - 'C'


ST 1859 Ec - D over D in D: G:

ST 1859 Ec - D over D in F: D:


ST 1859 Ec - Strong show of die clashing ST 1859 Ec - Large 59

ST 1859 Ec - Obv.1E (F: D: Type - Ab) The C has a top serif.  The O of VICTORIA is

                                 broken at top and just faintly at the bottom.

                                 The 'G' font is now with a LONG centre crossbar in D: G: & REGINA.

                                The D of D: G: is double struck D over D.  The D used is much larger

                                and wider than normal that a crescent shaped cut has occurred at the

                                top right (2 o'clock) to allow for the colon dot ! This over-strike / repair

                                is similar to that of ST 1859 Eb except in that repair they have used a 

                                1 size larger font that appears to be acceptable.

                                The D of F: D: has also been over-truck with a larger size D font - this

                                D now has a crescent shaped cut at the bottom right (4 o'clock) to

                                allow for the colon dot !

                                There is a strong show of the die clashing as the top of the ribbon bow

                                shows above Victoria's head between the BRI in the legend.

                       Rev.  There is at least 2 to 3 ghosting's of Victoria's head.

                       Date: The 5 is larger than the small 5.The 9 is also Large. The 9 extends 

                                slightly below the base line.

                     Grade: Bright  EF

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