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ST 1859 Gb - Obv. 1E

Air bubble in metal

ST 1859 Gb - Rev. A1




ST 1859 Gb - Air bubble in metal

ST 1859 Gb - Weak left ribbon

ST 1859 Gb - Obv. 1E  (F:D: type - Ab) The C in VICTORIA now has an upper serif at the top 

                     and is probably 1 size font larger as per ST 1857 C1; C3 & ST 1858 Bc.

                        The G in D: G: and in REGINA now have a long centre cross-bar.

                   * An air bubble has got stuck within the metal and caused the raised surface

                     on Victoria's face - from her nose to just before her hair-line, by her ear.

                     A fine die crack at 3 o'clock through E of REGINA 3 mm.

                         Rev. A1 - The ribbon on the left side has the under part of the ribbon very 

                     weakly struck due to die wear ! The tip of the long bare stem at the left is also

                     worn away.  See below 'Reverse varieties' for picture and details.

                     There is a ghosted image of Victoria's head due to die clashing.

                     Date: The 59 are slightly fatter and are slightly above the base line '18'.

                     Similar to ST 1859 AZ

                     Grade: Bright  EF-EF+

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