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ST 1859 L - Obv. 2

ST 1859 L - Obv. 2 - Hair

ST 1859 L - Rev. A



ST 1859 L - C over C

ST 1859 L - I leans backwards

ST 1859 L - Die crack

* This is the first example I have been able to obtain of Obverse die 2 for 1859 (with re-cut 

  hair). Davies lists Obv. 2 for 1859 as normal - as per Obv. 1. English Silver Coinage I

  believe has copied Davies and also lists it as normal. My sales records since 2000 show

  that I have only ever sold or had obv. 1 examples. For month or more I have checked 

  Ebay, daily, to try and obtain an example of 1859 with obv. die 2. At one stage I was

  convinced that Obverse 2 for 1859 did not in fact exist ! There have been approximately 

  60 to 70 examples of 1859 silver 3ds listed and only one example, in the USA, showing

  to be obv. 2. This is the example showing above which I now own. I have also checked

  several dealer lists that either show pictures or quote the obv. die. However, they only 

  seem to show or have examples of obv. die 1 for sale ! 

 This leads leads me to the conclusion that 1859 silver 3d's with Obverse 2 are RARE or

 have I been just very unlucky in 19 years to never have an obverse 2 for 1859 !?

 The example I have differs to the obverse 2 of 1860 in that the C for 1859 is larger, tilting

 backwards and is below the base line and over another C !! The 2nd I of VICTORIA is out 

 of alignment by also tilting backwards. There are 5 different die cracks possibly more if

 one were to examine even closer. This leads me to believe this first attempt as Obverse 2

 did not go as well as expected and that this die broke fairly soon after the striking of

 this coin. 

ST 1858 La -  Obv.2 (F: D: Type - A)  C over C sideways in VICTORIA. The C has the top serif

                               appears to be a larger font size to the rest of the letter of VICTORIA and

                               leans backwards slightly ! The C is also below the base line.

                               The 2nd I of VICTORIA leans backwards.

                               There are several die crack - 

                               1. From edge through the 2nd R of BRITANNIAR to the tip of Victoria's bun.

                               2. From edge just behind the D of F: D: (4 mm) 

                               3. The 2nd I of VICTORIA has a die crack from the edge

                               4. From base of Victoria's truncated bust vertically up to her ear (5 mm). 

                               5  A faint crack In Victoria's hair, from left of her ear up to the ribbon (3 mm) 

                               Slight hint of ghosting above Victoria's head due to die clashing.

                      Rev.  Trace of ghosting due to die clashing.

                     Date:  Large

                    Grade: Light toning on both side, especially around the edge.  EF/EF+

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