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1843 Obverse and date varieties

1843 A - Obv. A to An - with small date.

1843 B - Obv. A to An - with large date.

1843 C - Obv. A to An - Date: 3 over 3

1843 D - Obv. A1 (N of REGINA) tilts backwards - with small date. 

1843 E - Obv. A1 to An (N of REGINA) - with large date. (As yet not found).




ST 1843 D & E - (Obv.  A1)   N of REGINA tilts backwards. This is a repair to a very worn 

                    out "N" as a tiny corner of the top right corner of the "original" N can be 

                    seen as a tiny  'raised' mark. (see picture - above, right)


This large/small date variety is very difficult to spot. I hope that these pictures help.

ST 1843 A or D - With Small date


ST 1843 B or E - With Large date - All 4 numerals appear to be very slightly larger. 

                                                     The back of the 3 is closer to the wreath leaves. 

                                                     The 3 tilts forwards (on this example !)

                                                     * Far more difficult to find examples of large date !


ST 1843 C - Is this a small 3 over a large 3 or just a misplaced 'small' 3 repair

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