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Sixpences 1887 - Jubilee head types

SX 1887 Jubilee head

Sixpence (Obv. 1)

SX 1887 B

J.E.B. on the truncation

SX 1887 B

I of BRITT to border tooth



SX 1887 Jubilee head

Sixpence (Obv. 2)

SX 1887 C

J.E.B. below the truncation

SX 1887 C

I of BRITT to gap between teeth

SX 1887 B & C

Withdrawn issue

1887 Reverse of

Half Sovereign

SX 1887 K


In 1887, Victoria's golden jubilee year, the gold & silver coinage was re-designed.

There is now an older, upright, portrait of the head and shoulder of the queen. Victoria now has a 

smaller crown on top of an ornate lace, widow's, veil draped behind her head.

The first issue of the new reverse, with shield in garter, was a disaster as it was of similar size and

weight to the half sovereign. Very soon after its introduction unscrupulous people tried passing off 

the sixpence as a half sovereign by gold-plating it. The coin was withdrawn from circulation in 

November 1887 and the reverse was changed back to show the value - SIX PENCE, within a wreath.

The first Jubilee obverse (Davies 1 [JH]) has J.E.B. on the truncation and the I of BRITT points 

to a tooth in the border. This obverse type is RARE.

The second Jubilee obverse (Davies 2 [JH]) has J.E.B. in the field, below, the truncation and the 

I of BRITT points to a gap between two teeth in the border. This obverse type is by fair the easier 

obverse to obtain.

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