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GR 1848 Bf - Obv.


GR 1848 Bf - Rev.


GR 1848 Bf - PENCE


GR 1848 Bf

Open C


GR 1848 Bf - Date (8 over 6 or 6 over 8 !?)


GR 1848 Bf

8 over 6 or

6 over 8 !?

GR 1848 Bf - Rev. Type B  The C of PENCE has part of the lower curve to tip broken off -

                                 leaving an open C.

                                 Fine hair-line die crack at 2 o'clock from edge into the left top corner of

                                 E of PENCE.

                                 Fine hair-line die-crack at 9 o'clock from edge into top right of O of FOUR.



GR 1848 Bf (6 over 8)

  GR 1846 (6)


GR 1848 (8)

 GR 1848 Bf - Date:  Type f   Last 8 over a 6 or 6 over 8. Always with the Large 4.

                                    This is an unusual over-date to identify as the usual protocol is for the date

                                     is that the upper most or is most prominent to be called the prime numeral

                                     over the other numeral below.

                                     In this case the 6 is just above the 8 but it is accepted that these coins were

                                     struck in 1848 but the Royal Mint was using up remainder dies from 1846.

                                    Normally the 8 is more heavily struck and covers the 6 and is more prominent.

                                    However, in this case, the top of the 6 is above the 8. The back of the 6 is also

                                    very clear and is above or at the same level as the left side of the 8.

                                    The lower central circle in the 6 is more up-right and oval.

                                    The lower central circle in the 8 is more circular than that of of the 8

                                    The outer lower circle in the 6 is circular.

                                    The outer lower circle of the 8 is horizontally more oval that the 6.

                                    Also slightly wider.

                                    RED ARROWS show the high points of the high points of the 6.

                                    BLACK ARROWS show the edges and parts of the 8 beneath the 6.

                                   WHITE DASH LINES show the edge lines of the 6.

                                  Therefore my question is this variety 1846 6 over 8 ?

                            Rather than 1848 8 over 6 !

                                   However, as this particular over-date has always been referenced as

                                   1848 over 6 - it is probably best left as such !

                                   There are other 1846 dies that were over-printed with the 8 that are clearly

                                   1848 over 6 as the 8 is above the 6. It is only this particular die with the die crack,

                                    to the left side of the 6 that can questionably thought of as 1848 - with 6 over 8.

                                    * Sometimes this variety is found with the last 8 double struck.

* This is similar to the argument of the 1847 Groat with 7 over 8 due to the fact that the 7 is

  more prominent 8 when it is well known that that date variety was only ever made in 1848

  but is listed as an 1847 Groat type.

Grade: Obv. The normal very slight weakness on high point of Victoria's hair just above and to the

                       left of her ear.   Greyish with a hint of red. 

             Rev. Dull bright centre with hint of greyish red around legend and date. 

                      EF+/pAS    A choice coin.

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