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Observations re Davies's  Obverse 1 1838 to 1860


ST 1844 - currency issue - Obv. 1

M3 1847 - Maundy issue - Obv. 1

In the 50 plus years that I have been dealing in coins I have never seen a silver 3d from

1838 to 1860 (with Davies's - obverse 1) with well defined hair from below the hair-band to ear.

I have had what appears to be choice unused silver 3ds from this period but they have ALL 

had "hair wear". Even the Maundy set 3ds of this period that I have owned have seen show wear.

I suspect that the (Obverse 1) die was not that carefully engraved in the first place. 

There are good incuse lines around the bun and the top and the back of Victoria's head but 

few if any incuse lines in the lower hair part.

I believe that the reason that there are no better specimens showing choice hairlines is also  

due to "die-wear" and not "pocket-wear". 

I also suspect that the lower, centre part of her hair, was raised slightly higher that the rest 

of the hair lines and therefore with any use the die in this area wore more quickly !

It is also more than possible that new obverse dies were used first on Maundy 3d coins and

after that used for the striking of currency coins. 

One can see also by the amount of different repairs to the legend, especially to F: D: that the 

obverse die was in need of constant repair. See my listing of those repair variations 

So even if the coin exhibits slight 'hair-wear' in the area show above I suggest that one should 

examine carefully the whole to coin to determine the grade of the coin. 

The coin could be "practically As Struck" but still have "hair-wear" !

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