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A roll of 50 x 1971 2 pence coins in the original sealed plastic coating. Except that this

roll has in the centre a "clipped coin


Many people will be interested how a clipped coin occurs.


Many people believe that a "clipped" coin occurs during the die striking period.

This is incorrect !


A "clipped" coin occurs before it is even becomes a coin.

It starts out as a 'clipped' blank or planchet from the metal sheet.

A die stamping machine is used to make these blanks from large sheets of thinned metal that are

mechanically feed through the machine. This machine stamps out these circular blanks. Most of the 

time there is not a problems and all the blanks come out completely circular. However, on occasions

if the sheet even pauses for a fraction of a second (for some reason !) the machine can cut where a

cut has already been made - as per the sheet  and the result is as per the coin example below.




If this blank or planchet makes it to being die stamped into a coin there is a good chance of it then

making it into circulation.


Single 'clipped' coins are scarce but not rare. With a Mintage of 1,454,856,250 - 2 pence coin for 

1971 it is understandable that several "clipped" coins for that year would appear. 

The amount of 'clipping' can also affect the price. The more clipping the higher the price - as they

less likely to leave the Royal Mint due to their short weight !

"Clipped" coins are not really worth faking but if buying buy from a reputable source.


Multiple "clips" on one coin are far rarer.




The Roll of 50 x 1971 2 pence (with 'clipped' coin in the centre of the roll .......................35.00


I have the following I can offer - 1971 2 pence "clipped" coins.

Also available are some 10 Pence "clipped" coins

   as TP 1971 C1   AU80...................SOLD


as TP 1971 C2   AU5...................10.00


as TP 1971 C3   EF...................5.00


as TP 1971 C4  (Multiple clips [3])  AU65-70...................50.00



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