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GR 1841 Ab

GR 1841 Ab

GR 1841 Ab - Rev. Die crack   GR 1841 Ab - date

GR 1841 Ab -  Rev. Die crack from edge 10 o'clock, splits in two. one part goes to the top left edge

                                   of the R. The other crack turns left and travels down to the top of the U of FOUR,

                                   along the top, and into the right side of the O at 2 o'clock.

                                   A very slight edge nick or metal flaw between the U & the R.

                        Date: Type b -Slightly taller pointed top 4 sticks up higher than the other numerals -

                                   with a T- type tail. Both numerals 41 have been double struck.

                                   The 41 are just below the baseline. 

                                   There is a die crack from the border tooth just below the first 1 of the date,

                                    running up to the top centre of the 1, into the exergue line and onto the base

                                   of the shield at 5 o'clock.  The last 1 is over a gap between two border teeth.

                      Grade: EF+  Choice  Dark greenish tone.

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