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GR 1841 Ab - Obv.   GR 1841 Ab - Rev.
GR 1841 Ab - Rev. Ghost   GR 1841 Ab - Rev. die crack

GR 1841 Ab -  Obv. Very slight scuff marks on Victoria's cheek / neck. Trace of  rev. ghosting

                                   of the shield - just behind Victoria neck in field above F: of F: D :

                           Rev. Die crack from edge at 10 o'clock through the top of the left leg of U of FOUR,

                                   at an angle down to end just between Britannia's left elbow and wrist.

                                   Strong trace of ghosted image of Victoria's face profile - due to die clashing.

                        Date: Type b - The 41 are just below the baseline. 

                                   NO double striking of any of the numerals.

                                   The last 1 is over a gap between two border teeth.

                      Grade: Bright with hint of dark toning within legend letters and date  EF+

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