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GR 1848 A - Obv.

GR 1848 A - Rev.

GR 1848 A - G over G sideways

GR 1848 A - Date

GR 1848 A -  Obv. Type D   G over G sideways in D: G:  

                                 The G font has been rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

                                 A tiny dimple stop at the centre front of the D.   

                                 A few minor scuffs on Victoria's neck and hair.                                

                        Rev. Type A   Normal C in PENCE

                      Date: Type  a   Both 8's have been double struck.

                                 The 1st 8 - the under 8 is slightly lower.

                                 The 4 is small and the alignment is ABOVE the base line.

                                 The 2nd 8 - the under 8 is slightly higher.                               

                    Grade: Obv. VF+  Rev. EF?   Brightish

                                 Very RARE * error similar to the 1874 H farthing with also G over G sideways !

* I have only found only two examples of this very rare variety since the original finding

  of this variety in 2008. 

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