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GR 1888 Ba - Obv.

GR 1888 Ba - Rev.

GR 1888 Ba - FOUR


GR 1888 Aa - U of FOUR (Normal)


GR 1888 Ba - U of FOUR

GR 1888 Ba - Date

Groat 1888 Ba -  Obv. Tiny dig in field just behind Victoria's crown and just below

                                     the last R of  BRITANNIAR. 

                      Rev.  G  The U of FOUR has a thick right leg !?

                                     Could this happen by beating down the thin leg !?

                                     At the top left side you can see the trace of a double struck U.

                          Date: Width is 10 & teeth wide.

                       Grade: VF+    Bright

* I would be very please to hear of another example with this large right leg U

  as I have examined over 12 examples and have as yet only found this one

  example !

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