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ST 1847 Af - Obv.

ST 1847 Af - Rev.

ST 1847 Af - Date /Wreath

ST 1847 Af - Obv.1 (F: D: type - Af)

                    Rev. Left tie ribbon and wreath stalk fully struck *

                    Date: All numerals - Large. The 8 is over an 8 (slightly to the left)

                  Grade:  Choice  Slightly prooflike field  pAS  Deep tone    

* I have only ever had four examples of this extremely rare date and as I did not

 take much notice, previously, I cannot determine how many had full or part

 left tie ribbon & wreath stalk. See 1846 part left ribbon & wreath stalk.

 At least two other 1847, that I have the scan of had full left ribbon, etc.

 At present I have three examples in stock and this example has the normal 

 (FULL) tie ribbon at the left side and full length wreath stalk.

 I feel that this coin is possibly - ex-Maundy !  Maundy mintage: 4,488

Whether it is Ex-Maundy or currency it is still extremely rare and highly 

collectable !

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