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ST 1847 Bf - Obv.

ST 1847 Bf - Rev.

ST 1847 Bf - Date

ST 1847 Bf - Obv.1 (F: D: type - Af)

                    Rev. Left tie ribbon and wreath stalk fully struck *

                    Date: All numerals - Large. The 8 is over an 8 (slightly to the left)

                             The 4 is over a 4 (centre part of foot shows below)

                             Grade:  Choice  EF/EF+  Bright      

* I have only ever had four examples of this extremely rare date and as I did not

 take much notice, previously, I cannot determine how many had full or part

 left tie ribbon & wreath stalk. See 1846 part left ribbon & wreath stalk.

 At least two other 1847, that I have the scan of had full left ribbon, etc.

 At present I have three examples in stock and this example has the normal 

 (FULL) tie ribbon at the left side and full length wreath stalk.

  It is difficult to know if this is a ex-Maundy coin or a choice currency coin.

  I feel that this coin is possibly - ex-Maundy !  Maundy mintage: 4,488

Whether it is Ex-Maundy or currency it is still extremely rare and highly 

collectable !

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