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ST 1859 Kc - Obv. 1E

ST 1859 Kc - Rev. A3

ST 1856 Kc - Rev. A3 (Both ribbons over)

ST 1859 Kc - Obv. 1E  (F:D: type - Ac) The C in VICTORIA now has an upper serif at the top 

                             and is probably 1 size font larger as per ST 1857 C1; C3 & ST 1858 Bc.

                                    The G in D: G: and in REGINA now have a long centre cross-bar.

                             There is a very thin die crack vertically from the centre of Victoria's truncation

                             up to the top of her forehead. This die crack is far longer than the similar

                             die crack as seen with ST 1859 Kb. It is also extremely unusual that the 

                             colon dots after D of F: D: are very slightly different positions. This example

                             is Type Ac the other example is type Ab. A very small difference but still not

                             identical. This is different die crack as the crack passing Victoria's ear is 

                             slightly further to the left of the ear than the ST 1859 Kb example !?

                             Very unusual !?    Normal wear to Victoria's hair.

                         Rev. A3 The ribbon tie on the left side has been repaired due to the extensive

                            wear as seen with either rev. A1 or A2 but it is impossible to repair the incuse 

                            part on a coin that had worn away - as on the die that part would be - raised !  

                           The only option of repair to that die is to cut a new incuse groove in that area.

                           The result on the struck coin is that the left side ribbon is now raised ! 

                           The missing part of the left hand stem has been ignored and not repaired.

                           There is now a small gap between the right ribbon and the centre knot where

                           the stem should extend. A tiny bit still remains to the left of the knot but does

                           not continue past the raised left ribbon. 

                           This is the only date (1859) on a silver 3d that has both the left and right 

                           side ribbons are now over the stems.

                           For pictures and details of these ribbon variations see  1859 Reverse varieties.

                           There is a very weak strike to the 'ball' end tip of the 3.

                  Date: The four numerals are all of a similar 'medium' side. 

                Grade: Obv. Bright (A hint of tone in the legend).  Rev. Bright   Choice - EF+ 

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