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GR 1840 Aa - Obv.

GR 1840 Aa - Rev.

GR 1840 Aa - date

GR 1840 Aa -  Obv. Traces of die cracking with fine flaw lines along most top and bottom

                                    letters of the entire legend !!!

                                   Good ghosting image of the rev. shield rim -  showing just the outer

                                   raised edge of the shield.  This 'ghosted' image is just behind Victoria's

                                   neck halfway to the legend.

This 'ghosting' is due to the obverse and reverse dies clashing without a 'blank' being between.

                                  I have a very similar example with my example  pAS except with that coin there

                                  are FOUR lines of ghosting from the shield. So this example must have happened

                                  prior to the DOUBLE 'ghosting'.

                                 Single small extra colon dot for D: of D:F: - just behind lower colon dot.

         Rev. Type A - Die crack line from edge at 8 o'clock to edge of shield at 8 o'clock.

                                 U of FOUR double struck as are PENCE.               

      Date: Type a -  Flat top '4' & oval '0'.  All numerals appear to be slightly double struck

                  Grade:  Weakly stuck hair as normal on the obverse.  EF?-EF   Bright

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