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GR 1839 Bb - Obv.

GR 1839 Bb - Rev.

GR 1839 Bb - D double struck

with extra colon dots for F.: D.:



GR 1839 - Rev. Bb


GR 1839 - Bb GR 1839 - Bb

GR 1839 Bb - Obv. The D of F: D: double struck also with extra colon dots F.: D.:

                        Rev.  Type B (Broken C in PENCE - See either 1838 or 1839 for further details)

                      Date:  Type b  The top right part of the 9 has a slight doubling - which shows

                                  at the inside right of the top circle.

                                  In the lower part at 6 o'clock there appears to be something that

                                  resembles a full stop !

                                 The 3 has a slightly thinner look than that used for 1839 Aa

                   Grade:  Bright   EF?-EF

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